Dormio is a novel and comfortable mouthpiece device that is used in treatment of mild to moderate level sleep apnea and related snoring. Dormio treats sleep apnea patients with not only high efficiency but also less discomfort and side effect when compared to current treatment methods.

Treatment effectiveness of Dormio is verified with clinical studies.

In studies done so far with Dormio, treatment success of %96 and %75 are observed for patients with mild to moderate level sleep apnea, respectively.

Also, intensity and frequency of snoring are remarkably decreased.

Tüm Ar-Ge testlerinden geçmiş, patentli, onaylı ve CE Belgeli bir üründür.


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If you are sleeping with an open mouth,

If you are waking up to your own snoring,

If you are having hard time getting out of the bed,

If you are feeling exhausted throughout the day,

  must try Dormio!

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